Packaging devices.

We have been performing design and production of the packaging devices since 1995.

We initially started the production of this equipment due to the needs of our customers who use our equipment for emulsifying and homogenising emulsions and pastes. We produce equipment for packaging emulsions and pastes into different plastic cups and for welding covers from aluminium folium or polymer film on the cups. 

The European market offers a wide range of different packaging devices with a high degree of automatisation. However, due to their productivity, complexity and the cost they are not always suitable for the small scale productions.

There is a need for small, compact, semi-automatic devices, easily readjusted for the packaging liquid products into different containers and cups.

Our devices make it possible to dose necessary portions of liquids and pastes into plastic cups or glass jars, to place covers on them made of foil or film and to weld covers. The operator's task is to place empty cups into the appropriate cell on the working table and to take off a sealed cup. At customers' request, our device can even be more simplified by excluding the manipulator that places covers on the cups. 

Depending on the needs of our customers there is a wide range of packaging devises varying by volume and shape of the cups, the level of productivity and automatisation.

Due to the adjustability of our devices our customers are in a position to constantly continue the development and modernisation of their business.