We produce four types of crushers:

  1. Rotary mill HV is used for crushing of dry low abrasive grainy materials such as grain, spices, dried vegetables, dry yeast, resin, and coal.
  2. Rotary crusher SR is used for crushing of dry mineral materials with large pieces such as coal, schist, stoned salts. It can be used for preliminary crushing prior to the fine grinding by, for example, a disintegrator.
  3. Сutting mill RNV is used for crushing of spices, coffee beans and other biological materials with the relatively small content of oil and water.
  4. Disc crusher NV-1 is used for chopping of vegetables such as carrots, cabbages, beetroots.

Crushers are designed taking into account the properties of the materials and customers' demands. Crushers may be supplied with an additional equipment such as feeders, devices for ground product collection and so on .