Emulsification devices ER, 3Y8, 3Y1B, and 1H4.

We produce four types of mechanical emulsification devices: emulsifiers ERV-2, ER, dispergators 3Y8, 3Y1B and homogenizing devices 1H4 for the preparation of stable homogeneous fine suspensions, emulsions and pastes.

1. Emulsifier ERV-2 is intended for the preparation of foodstuffs such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and various dressings with viscosity of up to 40 cSt and with the sizes of solid phase particles below 1 mm.

2. Emulsifiers ER-3, ER-4 and ER -5 are intended mainly for the preparation of the water–black oil fuel emulsions, water-emulsion paints and glues with viscosity of up to 180 cSt and with the sizes of solid phase particles below      1 mm.

3. Dispergators 3Y8, 3Y1B are intended for the preparation of the suspensions and pastes from different biological, organic and inorganic materials (petroleum products, suspensions of catalysts, for utilization of phosphogypsum wastes and so on ). Viscosity of the initial components should not exceeds 180 cSt, and the size of solid particles is up to 8 mm.

4. Homogenization devices 1H4 are intended mainly for the preparation of the curd and chocolate pastes, pastes from peanuts, sunflower seeds, liver, meat and fish.

When designing the emulsification devices, all the relevant properties of the treated materials such as viscosity, temperature, content and the fineness of solid phases are taken into account, together with the client's requirements for the actual technological line.

Devices may be supplied with some additional equipment such as mixers for the initial mixture preparation, packaging devices and so on.